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11 Eylül 2014
11 Eylül 2014

A gull flock lost their way while following a truck which is carrying fresh fish. And found themselves in Ankara where is so far away from the sea. This new place is so different from natural environment which they are familiar. The gulls decided to stay and live in city cause not know the return path. But this will be not that easy.

30 min | Animation | 2008

Director: Hamit Annak Illustrator: Haydar Sinanç Lead Animator: Murat Efe
Animators: Haydar Sinanç, Murat Ağdemir, Soner Altan Edit: Hamit Annak Original Soundtracks: Serdar Kastelli 3D Animation: Okay Yıldırım, Onur Öndin Script: Hamit Annak